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Asheville Real Esate Photographer Ken Fine


As a photographer, I’m used to getting things in focus and finding just the right exposure for developing photos that turn homes into bestsellers. As a business person, I put the focus on developing solid client relationships with local real estate listing agents with the aim of giving their listings the best possible exposure. It is a fact, well researched by Redfin and The Wall Street Journal, that homes listed with professionally produced photos sell not only more quickly, but also for more money. These days, almost everyone searching for a home uses the internet to view photos. Along with price, location, etc., great photos that pop are what really motivate serious home buyers to call for a showing.

It has been about two years since I first turned a fun hobby into a successful profession. Before that, I had been a professional studio musician, composer, licensed mental health counselor, and entertainment booking agent for corporate and public events. Looking at all this, some people might say that my life lacked focus, and I might have agreed. But ultimately, all these diverse skills came together in a new career where I work at harmonizing all the elements of a home when composing a shot. Music and psychology taught me a lot about how resonance evokes images and emotions that influence how people feel. For example, color and lighting, which I have always been passionate about when it came to designing my own living space, have a strong effect on people’s moods. And when it comes right down to it, emotions play an enormous role in buying decisions. Of course, I had already been using these skills in my entertainment agency, so transferring them to real estate photography came naturally.

For me, each real estate shoot is a unique challenge, and I strive to provide the highest quality photos by utilizing creative composition and photographic techniques. I schedule only one photo shoot per day. This gives me the opportunity to take the time I need, both at the property and in post-processing.

Still tempted to take your own point-and-shoot or smartphone photos? Why not? You can do that in 15 minutes, and save a few dollars to boot. If that sounds like a good idea, I encourage you to take a look at some of your own real estate photos. Are the windows and lamps blown-out? Do the rooms look dark and muddy or faded and washed out? Are the photos tinged with yellow? Do they feature lopsided walls? Believe it or not, potential buyers are not really inspired by images like that, so, you might want to consider hiring a pro (that would be me), who knows how to create the best possible representation of the property you are trying to sell.

I spend one to two hours at the property and two or more hours processing photos on the computer to display homes in their best possible light. And I do mean light! You can see the results in my photo gallery. I am proud of my work, and now that I have shot hundreds of homes, I think I’ve got the hang of it. But there are always more challenges ahead, and I can’t wait to get at them!

Don’t forget to read some of the reviews here on the website. I look forward to working with you soon!

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"The photos are out of this world! Is that my house?"
-- Cathy Williams

"Wow, Ken. We’re blown away by the photos. Incredible. Are you sure we really live there? They are exquisite. Thanks for your work..."
-- Jane LaFerla

"Excellent job!! On time. Very organized and he understood exactly what kind of photos we wanted for our VRBO property. I would have written this review earlier but since posting my new photos I've been very busy with bookings!"
-- Charise Sobota

"Photos turned out great! Ken was very professional and really brought the space to life. We highly recommend Ken's services!"

-- Collin O'Berry, Altamont Property Group

"The pictures look amazing. Thank you so much for the last minute photo shoot. From the looks of the pictures I might not want to move!."

-- Kia Harris 

“Thanks Ken - you did a great job!! Appreciate the quick turn around.”

-- Sharon Duncan, Showhomes - Western NC