Here at Ken Fine Real Estate Photography I want to take a moment to share how I am addressing the concerns of COVID-19. I know that this is a difficult situation, but I want to reassure my clients, sellers and listing agents that I'm putting your health, safety and well-being first.

Below is an overview of the safety precautions that have been implemented to protect both you and myself.

• It will be mandatory that the client (listing agent, home seller, designer, builder, property manager etc) wear a face mask at all times while I am inside the property to be photographed.

• Please allow the photographer to be the only person present during the interior photo shoot. This is to promote social distancing, limit interaction, and limit the amount of time the photographer will need to be inside the property. If this is not possible then the occupants of the property should move to an area of the property at least 20 feet from the photographer. As the photographer moves around the house taking photos, any occupants will need to relocate as well.

• Clients will be required to inform me if the property cannot be photographed due to an illness.

• Pre-shoot preparation should be completed prior to the photographer's arrival. This includes all of the items on the house preparation list located here:

• The photographer will not move or touch any items so PLEASE remove all personal items in the bathroom. Otherwise your toothpaste and shampoo will remain in the photo.

• The Client or homeowners should open as many windows as possible at least 1 hr. prior to my arrival to air out the property. 

• If you are experiencing any of the typical COVID symptoms we will need to re-schedule the appointment.

• If anyone living in the house (or the client) has traveled outside the area within the previous two weeks, the photo shoot appointment will have to be rescheduled.

• Prior to the appointment the property should be clean and ALL surfaces disinfected.

• By agreeing to our Terms of Service you are also agreeing to comply with this COVID-19 Statement.